Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Special Assignment

1. I am not really sure why I missed the metaphor in Tom Johnson's post. While I was reading the post I was thinking to myself, "is this guy being for real?" I think part of the reason why I didn't get it is because I am pretty gullible. You could tell me it is raining skittles and I might go outside and look. Now that I know it was a metaphor the post makes much more sense.
2. Since I read his post I have encountered many metaphors such as some of the following: "you're the apple of my eye, it's raining cats and dogs, you're a night owl." These are just a few metaphors I have encountered.
3. I think it is important for us to teach our students a clear understanding of metaphors. I will require my students to use metaphors in their assignments. You can tell a student something multiple times but they will not actually learn it until they do it.
4.I think metaphors are used to get a point across. Instead of my boyfriend telling me that he loves me, it is more convincing when he tells me I am the light of his life. It may be a corny metaphor, but it helps me realize how much I mean to him. Metaphors are a great tool that should be used as a resource to enhance our writing.

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