Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blog Post # 9

"What I've Learned This Year"

This blog was written by Mr, McClung, a first year teacher in Noel, Missouri. He tells us that at first he was focused on what others thought about his teaching and put the students on the back burner. He states that the lessons were not student centered and he would get upset when they did not go the way he planned. In reality, we should let the audience drive our instruction. Things won't always go the way you planned. Some students need further instruction or may just need it explained in a whole different way.
He tells us that communication is the most important aspect of teaching. We must learn who the children are who we are teaching. This may be an extra step but it is one worth taking. He also tells us that we should not be afraid of technology. He said that you can not expect to master all the skills when you first learn them. This is something that I have learned first hand being a student it EDM 310.
Life is all about learning. We should always being willing to learn for the sake of our sanity, our students, and our future generations.

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  1. I have fallen into the same trap as McClung just this year in my student teaching. I have learned that elaborate is great sometimes, but other times-- simple is even more effective. The product I always strive to seek is not always tangible, therefore others aren't able to see it until testing roles around. It is my job to focus on the students as they make connections within the lessons that I relay to them. Great post, and thanks for the reflection opportunity!